Friday, February 8, 2019

Snow Days - AGAIN!

Remember when snow days were something that kids (and a lot of adults) looked forward to?  Me neither!  Those days of yore seem so long ago right now...  It's been a remarkable string of events over these past few weeks that have led to the traditional script flipping.  Now, it seems, kids are doing "school day" dances instead of "snow day" dances.  I don't think anyone is wearing their PJ's inside out, putting spoons / crayons in the freezer, or flushing ice cubes down the toilet right now.

I'm with you all and want to go to school.  As soon as Mother Nature decides to calm down a bit - we're going to make it happen.  And thanks for not shooting the messenger!

So what happens now?  I've communicated several times this year regarding what happens with snow days and referenced that in my latest blog post.  There will be a new letter going out next week with new updates.

The most important thing to know now is that we are officially into "make up territory".  The first and most important piece of info to know is that we will now be going to school on Monday, April 22nd.  This day was originally scheduled to be a day off of school following Easter Sunday, but was reserved for snow day makeup "if necessary".  Well - it's officially necessary!

Please also be aware that, after today, any additional "days off" for any reason will need to be made up in June.  This includes "snow days", but there are other unlikely circumstances that could result in school cancellation as well including such things as power outages, student / staff illness, etc.  Please note that our current last day of school is scheduled for Wednesday June 12th.  If we do need to make up days, let's hold out hope that we can keep it to 2 or less and make it out before starting a new week!

Finally - please be aware that while there are some conversations happening in and around Lansing regarding the unusually brutal nature of this winter across the state, that until such time as any official action is taken - it's best to maintain our current course and plan for these make up days.  Should any changes occur - I will continue to reach out to you.

Take care and be safe.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Thoughts other than Snow Days

It seems all that anyone wants to talk about these days - SNOW DAYS!  We're talking about them in the hallways at school and in the aisles at the grocery store.  Some kooky superintendents are even singing about them.  But I'm happy to inform you that we're not going to talk more about them at this time.  If you'd like more info though on how Benzie Central is handling these critical issues, please see out letter on Snow Days here...

The great thing about Benzie Central is that there's never a shortage of things that our students and staff are doing to be proud of.  If you haven't already, you should check us on on Facebook and Instagram where Mrs. Crossman is constantly featuring stories that will make you proud to be a Benzie Central Husky!  Did you know that our Football and Girls Basketball teams, aside from their success in their sports, were recently featured on the news for their support of Special Olympics via the Traverse City Polar Plunge?  Or that our newly formed middle school robotics team recently took home the "judge's award" and finished in the top half of a competitive field in their first competition?  Perhaps you haven't heard about an amazing new grant funded program at Betsie Valley that saw purchase of 30 sets of cross country skis for use in PE and at recess so that our kids get great exercise even in the dead of winter!  I could go on, but you get the idea.

Schools in general are often criticized for not doing a great job of promoting what it is we do.  We often get caught up in the day to day and forget to celebrate when our students and staff do truly amazing and remarkable things.  Benzie Central is working hard to make sure we DO take the time and energy to celebrate the amazing things that our community does every day.

I truly am proud to be a Husky.  You should be too!