Thursday, June 27, 2019

Summer (Finally!)

Summer's been a funny thing this year.  Some say it starts on Memorial Day Weekend.  Meteorologists actually consider the 1st of June "meteorological summer".  The calendar says it commences with Summer solstice on June 21.  And many kids (and adults) consider it to be the last day of school (June 12 for us).  As for me, I'm not sure it really happened until this past week when we (finally) got some real summer like weather for more than a few hours at once!

With the advent of summer break, like many parents, I've been thinking about how to help my kids do something other than lay around the house and play video games.  It's a challenge as old as public schooling itself. 

Thankfully, we live in a region where we have LOTS of great options to exercise to help us in both mind and body.  Plus, there are just some unique options to provide family fun and bonding.  So if you're looking for some easy and fun ways to get your kids up and moving, consider the following...

- Sign up for the Summer Reading Program at Benzonia Public Library.  They, along with our other great regional libraries, have great collections of children's and young adult books.

- Take your family on a walk / hike on one of our amazing trails at Arcadia Bluffs, Sleeping Bear Dunes, the Betsie Valley Trail, or the Art Walk at Crystal Mountain (just to name a few).

- Have a Beach day.  There's too many great options to list!

- Take the kids up to one of our playgrounds or parks - lots of options there as well!

- Try out our own local science and discovery center, Cognition, at it's new location on US31 in Beulah.

- Take in our local Benzie Symphony Orchestra or our Benzie Community Chorus concerts, or check out the Concert in the Park series downtown Beulah on Thursday evenings.

- Take in a double feature at the Cherry Bowl Drive In (Kids under 13 are free!)

I wish all of you a wonderful summer break and hope you are able to take some time to enjoy some of what makes us one of the most visited and loved places in Michigan, and indeed, in the entire country! 

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