Monday, September 16, 2019

Outperforming Expectations

I believe strongly that Benzie Central Schools are a solid investment given what we do for our kids.  Yet that belief isn't enough.  It's important to have hard data to back that claim up.

Today, the statewide news agency MLive published an article that really brings home why our school district stands out among the hundreds of other districts in the state of Michigan.  The subject of the article was performance on SAT by high schools where greater than half of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch.  The SAT is one of the nations oldest, most respected, and most reliable measures of student achievement.

It's no secret that our region has economic struggles and that many of our students come from circumstances where resources are scarce.  Poverty in our region is real and presents many challenges for our schools, many of our families, and our overall community.  But it's important for us all to remember that these challenges do NOT have to determine our fate, or more importantly, the fate of our children. 

The article notes that 447 public high schools in the state of Michigan had a junior class where over 50% of the juniors who took the SAT qualified for subsidized lunch.  Out of those 447 schools, only 24 exceeded state averages on the SAT exam overall. 

Benzie Central was among the 24.   That's the top 5%.

Exceeding expectations is something that we are proud of at Benzie Central.  Such performance on the SAT is reflective of years of preparation and is something that our entire staff, from preschool to high school, can and should be proud of.  And it's not the first time.  We have been recognized many times, in many different ways over the years for exemplary performance and exceeding expectations.

We have challenges in our district to be sure.  But Benzie Central refuses to let those challenges define us.  This exemplifies why I'm proud to be a Husky.

And you should be too!

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