Monday, December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving and Aspiration

It's the season for giving thanks and reflecting upon that which we are given.  In this season, I've had some personal time to think about a lot of things for which I am extremely grateful.  This includes my amazing family and network of friends and extended family who support me in all that I do.  It's a good reminder that people are always the foundation upon which we build ourselves.  I'm a lucky person in that regard who has always been surrounded by awesome people.

I've also had time to reflect upon the innumerable blessings that I have professionally as the superintendent of this remarkable school district.  It's been an amazing (and fast!) several years and so much has happened!  I'm proud of what we have done and are doing every day in Benzie Central.  Husky Pride is alive and well and I am continuously amazed daily by the efforts of our staff and the accomplishments of our kids.

I believe it's important to take time in life to take stock of what you have, be grateful for what has been given, and ultimately to take some satisfaction in the jobs well done, the relationships forged, and the achievements we each have accomplished.  Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to look backward, smile, and remember that for which we can be proud.

With all of that said though - it's important for us all to remember that looking backward can only get us so far.  Humility must be balanced with aspiration.  Contentment must be challenged by risk.  And past accomplishment will fade away if we do not challenge ourselves to a better future.

We should enjoy the moments of pride that come in taking stock of a life well spent.  But this cannot take the bulk of our time.  Indeed, I look forward to continuing to expend my own time and energy looking forward to that which can be rather than looking back to that which was and is now over.

Benzie Central has much to be proud of.  But there is much out there that can still be done.  We have potential which is not yet realized.  The most important jobs are never truly done...

I hope you join me in looking forward to the promising future with a grateful heart for memories past.

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