Monday, March 30, 2020

Hang in There!!!

Hey Benzie Central Families!  Hang in there!!!

I know, time seems to have slowed down in so many ways during this unprecedented time.  I saw a meme recently that said something to the effect of the date being the "fortyteenth of Maprily"... Felt pretty accurate!

I know many of you are undergoing a lot of stress right now.  We're all living in an unprecedented time, which means we've not practiced for it.  I know there's a lot of uncertainty, including a great deal about school and what the long term plan is.

First, I'm sure many of you are plugged into social media quite a bit, maybe more than usual right now.  There's been a lot of speculation regarding what will happen with the rest of the year, and what that means for the various situations our families and students are in.  I completely understand the speculation, and hope I can help temper some of the anxiety.

Regarding this school year, as you may have heard, the Governor has strongly suggested that school will not resume for the 2019-20 school year.  She had an interview late last week which stated this and a press conference this morning in which she re-iterated the point.  However, there are many implications of such a significant decision and no doubt they are trying to work out as many of those implications as possible.  I am pleased to tell you also that our elected representatives have been in contact with myself and other local school superintendents and are likewise working to make good decisions that will be in the best interests of our students and public health.   Your local and regional educational leaders are also working on the implications as well.

To be clear, it does appear likely that school as we currently know it will not resume this school year.  However, that does NOT mean that we will be throwing in the towel or abdicating our responsibility or abandoning our passion to educate kids and support our families.  That is our mission, and we will continue to seek to do just that in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

To our seniors and their families, know that we stand firmly committed to you.  We will seek means of not only making sure those on track graduate, but that we find means of recognizing and celebrating that achievement.  We are a creative and close knit community and won't allow our seniors to simply fade into their next chapter.  While we don't know what that looks like yet - please keep faith that your community loves you, supports you, and can't wait to celebrate you!

To our other students and your families, know that we stand with you as well.  Indeed, our staff are already working to change their practices to adapt to this new reality.  We need your patience and grace, but know that we are committed to all of you as well.

We will likely have more information in the next few days, maybe less.  Rest assured, as soon as I know - you will know.  We've got this.  Stay strong and take heart in the #OneBenzie community, even if we have to do it virtually and from a social distance perspective.  This will end, and we will come out stronger and more unified than ever on the other side of it.

Be well!

"Super" Matt

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