Monday, May 4, 2020

Appreciation for Educators

This week marks the annual celebration of "Educator Appreciation Week".   Traditionally, this is always an important time for public schools and a time to reflect on the value that our educators bring to the lives of our children.  Often it's a time for homemade cards and signs from kids, gifts or gestures from PTO's, some treats in mailboxes in the offices, or nice lunches being brought in from a local businesses.  There's lots of ways that we say thank you, and it's always great to feel appreciated.

Of course, business isn't exactly happening as usual these days, and Educator Appreciation Week is another thing that just simply can't occur in the same way it always has.

It's my hope that we can all find ways to thank the educators in our lives, especially now that we are certainly in the midst of a time when they are working harder than ever to try to help our kids learn.  I would encourage us all to take a few moments this week to drop our educator friends a note of support, give a gesture of thanks, or otherwise find some way to express our appreciation for what they do.

In addition, I also think that this educator appreciation week should include appreciation of ALL educators.  In these times, that includes our parents working with their children at home.  While schools have always viewed parents as their child's first teachers, this new era of remote learning has thrust that "parent as teacher" role into a much more critical light.  I know many of our parents are struggling with this, particularly those who are also trying to juggle their own work at the same time.  To all of you - thank you for the heroic work you're trying to accomplish amidst a true global crisis. 

And I'd be remiss if I didn't especially thank those staff that fall into BOTH of the categories above - those who are teaching their own children at home as parents while also teaching remotely in this new environment.  This is a particularly challenging double duty knowing the difficult of either of these roles on their own!  You all are super heroes!!!

And finally - thank you to the faithful readers of this blog.  I appreciate you taking the time to engage with your school district and will continue to keep information coming as we learn more.  My goal will continue to be to provide transparent, timely information about what is happening, and what we anticipate will happen at Benzie Central Schools during this unprecedented time. 

Have a great day and Go Huskies!!!

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